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This Is Us.

Our mission is to deliver flavorful dishes with personable service in a beautiful environment.

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The Best Bite in
the Neighborhood.

With nothing but the hopes and dreams of opening up the finest Diner in the Black Forest area, we at Mountain View Cafe and Catering, have worked hard to deliver outstanding food and service for you and the entire family. Our unique blend of locally-sourced products and our innovative takes on classic dishes, makes for the perfect combination of the bold and traditional.

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

Our Story.

This is the story all about how two best friends opened a restaurant! We met and grew up in a small town in Maine. Ten long years ago, we went on a mountain adventure dreaming about leaving corporate restaurants and owning our own cute cafe.

Bridget's son, Jackson, gained his wings in late 2021 which brought on a tough and emotional year. Heartbreaking things happen in life and tend to make you think about what the important things are. We realized that we wanted freedom in our jobs and more time with our families! This cafe went up for sale and upon visiting it, we felt so at home with the area, we put in an offer and the rest is history.

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